Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you grateful for?

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."

-Kahlil Gibran

The past week I have had the same dream about three times. Now, somebody will tell me that you can't have the same dreams and this whole post will be invalid and then I will take another month and a half hiatus from blogging.

So, back to the dream. In my dream I am reading other people's blogs. Which, I can't remember who is the blogger or what they are blogging about except one particular blog. And the irony is, this person doesn't even blog! It's Barrister Joe.
Hilarious already, right? Plus, to add to the surreal-ness of it all, his blog is completely devoted to discussing and pontificating on pieces of art. Let the laughter ensue. Great, right. The art is so vivid in the dream against his white background and black text that I only remembered today that it was a dream and not real. However, the pieces or are are not works I've ever seen, although they all qualify for particular schools of styles. There is an impressionist piece, one fairly resembling a Carvaggio, and then some modern pieces that I don't like much, and others.

Anyway, he does a really great job expounding upon each artists' strengths and weaknesses. He also explores how it makes him feel and act; it is a very heartfelt blog. This all leads to, in some unknown way to me, gratitude. Hence, the inclusion of Gibran quotables.

Barrister Joe doesn't share my immense like for Gibran , but I felt that the above quote was suitable for the approaching holiday. (Later, he might pout that I gave him that much censure.) Back to the quote...a list in honor of Thanksgiving.

My Selfish List of Gratitude:

Brothers-Barrister Joe and the Head
they keep me on my toes about my education

Sisters-Heider Head and Bunnicula
they help me not take the brothers, or myself, too seriously

A Clean Inbox
helps me measure my state of mental well-being

Elliptical Machine
it works just as great as the treadmill but much more fun

Lip gloss and Black boots
a sure fire way to secure hotness and confidence in a minute

my secret pleasure

makes allowances for ridiculousness and inconceivable plots with out question



Four Seasons


reminds me to keep my "fish in the sea"; she's known for twisting idioms

will say "I love you" first on the phone