Monday, July 6, 2009

Another List

Haven't blogged in an extremely LONG time; good time for a list.

Priorities Over Studying (it's my last semester, for crying out loud):

-laundry and dishes; this is an excellent way to still feel productive
-dejunk my closet; I make two piles, one to go to Plato's and one for DI
-dejunk my closet again; I remind myself that even though the pants are super cute, I still don't fit into them, just like I didn't fit into them a year ago when I bought them (then I fold them nicely and place them...hopefully not back in the closet)
-watch movie trailers on HULU
-go to the gym
-devise ways of seeking revenge on Sporto
-organize my planner
-read the police beat (oh I love you police beat; may you always be true)
-avoid reflection of the future
-visit the girls: Josephine Sarah and Amelia Rose (Shell's twins)
-remind myself of all my good qualities
-sing songs I first heard on the school bus (Cranberries, Lisa Loeb, Des'ree, etc)
-call Chenko and tell her anecdotes; Chenko loves a good anecdote.
-put on the eyeshadow that has sat in my makeup bag for three years and never been used
-use punctuation in manners entirely new
-have late night chats with Eslade
-miss the Asian Princess
-blog, or think about blogging and then not blog but eat