Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Look for a New Year

In honor of the New Year, I gave bloggy a new outfit and accessories. This is my way of encouraging myself to blog more. We'll see if that really works. However, I don't think the title "eggs and toast" really suites the sleek black background, or the new pics. Hum. I've been brainstorming new titles, clever ones that make me feel sophisticated and thin, like an Asian. (Stole that from Rachel Getting Married).

The problem is "eggs and toast" is a sentimental yet accessible title. Chenko use to sing the little phrase while shuffling to the breakfast table in the morning, bowls of zoom in hand. Its perky tri-syllabic rhythm made it easily interchangeable with other random phrases. Phrases like "bits of dew" and "walk to school" often spontaneously awoke myself and the elder four in the morning.

And then there's just the nostalgic and satiated goodness that the combination of sunny-side-up eggs and buttery toast brings to your heart. No, no, EGGS AND TOAST forever! Hips and Breasts for women!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Bacon List

I'm sitting here doing some algebra, because Wednesday nights full of algebra really do something to my ego, and I think to myself, "Ooo, I'd really like to make a list right now." And then I realized that Fuzzy Robot and I already discussed a list today and how that made me feel all Fuzzy Robot type fuzzy and want to say phrases like "little nap."

The reason behind the list-making hanker is because earlier today, Robot told me she gets to see Kevin Bacon tomorrow. This made me jealous, and then really hungry. And then I had to honestly ask myself if I would rather see Kevin Bacon tomorrow or eat an Urban Cowboy from Gandolfo's with the breaded chicken, bacon, and BBQ sauce. At moments like these it's best to distract oneself as much as possible because either answer would have proved myself ridiculous. (I really do LOVE both types of Bacon.)

Then I got on FB and did some socially-approved stalking for a bit, because that's all FB is good for (massive distraction), and decided I really do want to record my LIST that occurred after Robot and I virtually chatted. So, here's my list.

Hollywoodites as great as Kevin Bacon (and we are talking serious prime-Bacon-time):

John Cusack

Molly Ringwald

Elisabeth Shue

Tate Donovan

Johnny Lee Miller

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

I was properly raised on the Michael Curtiz's classic "White Christmas." In fact, it took me a good ten years before I realized I would never be able to tap my foot as fast as Vera Ellen does in the piece "Choreography." That was a sad day. Heider Head has as thin as ankles as Vera Ellen, but she also can't tap her foot that fast. I know. I've seen her try.

Every Christmas season we (meaning Chenko and I) watch "White Christmas." And every year I realize how hot Rosemary Clooney is. Seriously, Hollywood just doesn't make them like that anymore. Where have all the curves gone? Anyway, I justed wanted to make that quick little plug for humanity during the Chrismas season because Christmas is made of cheer. HIPS AND BREASTS FOR WOMEN!

Maybe I'll make campaign buttons.