Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secret Pleasures

This list could go on forever, but I just wanted to mention a few things that I delight in secretly whether it be because it is out of my character to do so, or just obviously embarrassing.


-doing math; maybe after reading and analyzing and never coming to any pertinent or redeeming conclusion it's just nice to have one thing for certain

-lame teeny-bopper-overcome-all-challenges movies such as Step Up, Step Up 2: the Streets (which has much more kick if you say it quickly like this- step up to the streets), Center Stage, Take the Lead, Raise Your Voice, and the like

-dum dums (as in the lollipop)

-the shape of my ankles if I'm lying on my bed with my legs above my head and toes pointed

Well, now that that's out in the open I feel much better. What are your secret pleasures?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Not that I typically use lower case for the pronoun "I", but Lester tagged me in her blog and I copy and pasted the format. And, Les has cleverly opted for no upper cases at all in her blog, so instead of seeming illiterate it comes off as thematic, and lovable. So smart, Les, so smart. Therefore, I am too lazy to change all the "i"s to "I" even though I took the time to write that disclaimer.

i am - a strict Chinese teacher and supportive sister

i think - all people should have a terrible part-time job at one point in life

i know - how to compliment others

i want - to speak Japanese for Kazue

i have - five beautiful nieces and nephews

i wish - I already had my MBA degree

i hate - feeling inadequate

i miss - my Taiwanese kindred spirits

i fear - being alone

i feel - blessed with loving family and friends

i hear - my dad saying "this too shall come to pass."

i smell - the unfriendly soap from the science center

i search - for friendship in a "kindred spirit" kind of way

i wonder - about architecture

i regret - not taking chances on love

i love - seeing the stars, again; delighting other people with kindness and humor

i care - about what others' think of me

i always - side with the underdog and nice guy

i am not - thin (that was really the first thing that came to mind, ha ha)

i believe - in God

i dance - when the music is right, and it's usually right

i sing - when doing the dishes, without fail

i don't always - tell the truth

i write - to remind myself how powerful words are

i win - when I eat a balanced diet

i lose - when I take myself too seriously

i listen - to my shuffle: an eclectic mix streaming from Smashing Pumpkins to A. Bocelli

i'm scared - of the dark (which is why I still do the run and leap after turning off the light and getting into bed)

i read - multicultural novels and memoirs.

i'm happy about - procrastinating my Shakespeare homework to write this; bring it on Bard!

So, now I get to tag someone. Of course, Hider and Devry because they need encouragement to blog.