Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Reserve the Right

It's obvious that I have a wild and inconsistent love affair with the FaceB. I'm currently not-active, you know, like not using, because the FaceB is an addiction and my list of addictions is rather lengthy so I've decided that virtual stalking should not be on the list. As such, I have dragged HeiderHead into this crazy relationship with the FaceB where we reactivate and deactivate our accounts like a-line haircuts. (Ahhh, why do I always want that short flippy bob when I can't stand short hair????) Recently, HH got back on the FB because of work, at least that is what she says, and she had a "friend" comment on her account instability to which she replied "I reserve the right to get on and off Facebook as much as I like." Of course, I heard this story from Fuzzy Robot because, need I repeat, I'm not currently active on the FB so how could I know this went down. So, today as I was dressing and reached for yet another black top, the thought crept in to my head "maybe you should wear a color today." To which I replied, "I reserve the right to wear black every day if I like." And that is exactly what I did. And I felt victorious.

On a side note, here are all the titles I wanted to name this post, all taken from the 12:00 pm weekday Direct TV lineup:

Big Cat Diary
Unearthing Ancient Secrets
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
China Power: Art Now After Mao
Never Rake Again!

I really can't give enough of the lyrical quality of "Art Now After Mao." It really sings, don't you think? Too bad "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" couldn't be a little more audibly appealing, I might have watched it then. But great idea for a blog title, right?

Anyway, I'm deciding to start reserving more rights, like not putting makeup on or unabashedly crushing on Bobby Flay and Michael Buble, and blogging without pictures. Oh, and I reserve the right to not join the public fascination with In-N-Out. Boo! Alright, I'm already feeling the power of democracy--Copland is ringing in my ears and I feel like watching baseball...well, maybe just eating a hot dog.