Friday, August 27, 2010

Eslade List

Today is Eslade's day of birth. She is a remarkable age at a remarkable time. To celebrate her birthday, I am enjoying a Charleston Chew--isn't that nice of me? Yesterday I sent her an email in part Spanish. I used a translation link on Google. She didn't respond back though. Probably because she was overwhelmed with my linguistic greatness and adaptability. Yes, that was why.

Also, to celebrate her birth I made a list (because I LOVE lists) and I think it is only appropriate that we fully celebrate our loved ones days of birth by doing things that make us happy too. If we are happy, they are happy. This is my list, to be read in a thick Chilean accent, but if you can't do that or even know what that sounds like, don't feel bad because Eslade won't mind.

Eslade is: (kind of like it were a FaceB status, get it?)

nocturnal--in fact, the later the hour the greater her comedy.

Unwavering in her intergrity.

¡Nada que ver!

a dedicated daughter.

Planned Spontaneity

fine using training chop sticks for months to please the Asian Princess and me.

always supportive of watching teeny bopper movies.

excellent at listening and remembering.

unabashed in admitting she almost put a certain guy's name in her Facebook status because she thought it was the search bar.

not the kind of person to even have a FaceB status because she can handle solitary independence.

up for exploring new hobbies.

calling the numbers on the back of trucks to tell them they are driving well.


forgiving that you don't call back promptly.

one year older.


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No beans Ten said...

Did you eat anything special for my birthday? In June?