Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sleep Guilt

For the next couple weeks I'm going to try out different blog backgrounds. I didn't realize there were so many new options bloggers could use to decorate their blogs now. It's rather fun, and vain. And I have never been opposed to fun and vain activities and so I will indulge myself.

Here's a question: Do you ever feel guilty sleeping in? In Before Tian world, I would feel guilty about all sorts of things like eating sugar before 2:00 pm, watching a movie on a weekday, or outwardly admitting you don't want to go on a hike. Well, today I slept in--very late. So late that I can't even get myself to admit what hour because even though I am an independent adult, free agent, and master of my own schedule, I feel as though my mother would disapprove and how will she ever get a daughter with such bad habits married off. Would Mr. Darcy ever sleep in? Never.

Once, Bunnicula and I watched Lost on Hulu for an entire afternoon. (Admit it, you or someone you know has lost their real friends to the fake people on Lost at some point in time. That's why it's called Lost.) After an episode would end, Bunny and I would peek at each other sheepishly hoping the other would first claim wanting to watch the next episode. It's always better not to initiate sluggishness but merely accompany it. Is initiate sluggishness an oxymoron? By the time Devry came home we had evaporated into the couches and convinced ourselves that we were living in a flashback scene of our lives and by the time we came to we would be back in our real, successful, and thin lives doing all sorts of productive things like saving small children in Bosnia.

We never came to.

However, I think it is important that once in a while we allow ourselves to sleep until we wake up. Yes, I know, everyone sleeps until they wake up; there's nothing else you can do but wake up or die. (I'm not trying to be mobid, just pointing out the facts.) But what I mean is that you sleep with no alarm, no saying to yourself "I have to be up in time for...", no consioucness of sleeping for a certain time period. You just sleep until you can't sleep anymore. I wish this was infused into my psyche earlier in life because every time I try to do this, I still wake up feeling guilty and then how will I ever suit Mr. Darcy? Oh but wait, he's fictional, like my fake friends on Lost.


IsabellaArchery said...

Oh, I know exactly where this guilt comes from! A charming little ditty that goes "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise." I mean no disrespect to the tunes of Primary, but you know what our brains do? We write the second verse in our heads that goes, "And conversely late to bed, late to rise, makes a woman frumpy and sulky and single." And yet, do you really think that at the Big End some interviewer with authority will zing us for not following a 10:00p.m. to 6:00 a.m. schedule? In an ideal world, I would go to bed at 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. and get up around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. THAT would make me happy and pretty and productive!

Mego said...

HAHA....lost a few friends to Lost I have, sooooo glad that show is over. On the flip side, be so happy you don't work graveyard shifts, cuz if you do, and don't set an may accidentally sleep in till 5pm, then have to go back to work in a few hours, which would not only make you frumpy, but also in-existent. No matter that your body needs that sleep, we need social lives too!!

P.s. the verification word at the bottom of my screen is telling me to type in holikers, which will obviously become your new name.