Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And this makes one more post in 2010 than 2009. YES!

As bad as this sounds, it's always good to find someone who is worse at something than you. I'm bad at frequently blogging, but not nearly as bad as HeiderH. She hasn't blogged in over two years--I know because my blog feeder let's me know that every time I log on. It's a nice little reminder saying, "Welcome back slacker Tian Tian. Surprised you even remembered your password. Aren't you a lazy girl? Enjoying your Slurpee life? Well, at least you logged on. HeiderH hasn't done anything for TWO YEARS." And then I feel better at my sister's expense. There are so many devious reasons for having sisters, and I love them all.

Nonetheless, (isn't that such a crazy word--it literally is three words squashed together) I'm so pleased to welcome HH as a "contributor" to Eggs and Toast. And it was totally her idea. She said, "Add me as a contributor" because she is just grasping at straws now because I haven't done anything else she has told me to do in the past month and half. So, randomly she shouted out that this would help her blogging curse and then I pathetically replied, "Well, it will probably take me some time to figure out how to add you so don't expect it to happen anytime soon." But that was just a lie to buy me more time to procrastinate and not do anything she tells me to do. I've noticed these little lies are becoming more commonplace in my life right now.

A couple weeks ago, I told MasterJ an entire story about buying a scarf from this little Asian woman during which I proceeded to mimic her with a Taiwanese accent as if she had recently immigrated to the states even though in reality the woman spoke English beautifully and was probably born and raised in Baltimore. Shortly after I finished the story, I told MasterJ that that wasn't really how things went down and I made part of the story up; he laughed in my face about how mendacious I am. And then he imitated my Taiwanese accent and it was terrible and so I secretly relished how much better I was at it than him.

Speaking of MasterJ, today is his birthday and it's a good thing he doesn't read this blog because I pretty much said, "Happy Birthday, J! I'm better at a fake Asian accent than you. Love!!!"

Sidenote: This whole post is giving me a really strange deja vu moment with an early 90s sitcom that I just can't put my finger on.

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