Friday, December 10, 2010

The Night Starts Here

Wog is right, I have been pestering her to write. This.
REVERB 10 Reflect on this year and manifest what's next
Everyday in December the internets provides a prompt to help you review your year and put said reverberation into words. I chose to write about today's prompt because I'm all about the partying. Like it's 1999 (which was a really good year btw). And so Wog can stop sending me texts addressed to: The Pot, from: The Kettle.

Reberb 10, Day 9 PARTY
December 9

What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.
Author - Shauna Reid, Diet Girl

This year I FINALLY attended a concert at the Granada - an old movie house turned indie rock venue on Greenville Avenue. It's the perfect place for the not so hard core music lover to see a show because it's so unassuming. The Granada won't make you feel as though you must dress in your edgiest outfit and wear extra eyeliner, although both of those behaviors are generally encouraged by myself. The theater is small inside but there is plenty of standing room for the dancers or tables for the too drunk to continue dancing-ers. Also, they sell gourmet pizza which is so delicious that you just can't picture the people around you as heroine groupies and become suitably intimidated because the fare is tasty and the box office so friendly. "Be Yourself" is painted in large script on the ceiling and angels and other unidentified fanciful creatures flit around the walls. One cannot help but feel groovy at the Granada.

This is why I was excited when Super snagged tickets for herself, Toad and I to see Stars. This and because Stars gave a gorgeous performance. They threw fresh white roses out into the crowd between sets (?) and told us all at the end that, "putting on your best clothes, going out, having drinks with friends and live music" is the best way to spend your time. Stars, you must be right.

We danced! Even Toad danced, in his own way. We sang. We flung our arms straight up, let our heads fall back and swaaaaaaaaaaaayed. Nobody judged us.

That night several of the pictures taken of me are reminiscent of Paul Rudd playing Paris on Romeo+Juliet, I was enjoying myself with such childlike abandon that my only concern was whether my companions had fallen in love with this music, this band, this night as well.

They had. Nobody wanted to go home when it ended. We wanted to float up into the ceiling on Stars melodies and reside as gatekeepers of good live music karma for ever.

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